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Solar Installation with Our Postmasters

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Back in 2012 - Autoguide Equipment teamed up with Solar South West to help supply our machine, offering versatility, speed and safety. Read on for more information on Solar Installation.

Solar South West are solar PV installers based in Somerset - working on domestic, industrial and commercial solar installation up and down the country and providing a friendly and professional approach.

For more videos on our youtube channel:

Autoguide introduced Solar South West to our 'Mini' Postmaster, the smallest spec on our range but thoroughly left Solar South West impressed with the results.

"The advantages from noise level of the postmaster and swift rate of installation, to accuracy of level / depth / straightness of the posts is great" - Comments made by the Solar South West Team


How Postmaster's are outperforming the Market (Solar Installation)

The Postmaster range is a great option for versatility and speed, with cutting-edge technology which provides an effective and safe performance unlike anything else in the market to date.

The Postmaster comes as a bespoke excavator attachment, used in conjunction with customisable jaw options and accessories to help with post installation and removal.

Our range has been used on crane-mounted barges, JCB equipment, Avant loaders and a complete diversity of machinery across the agricultural and construction sector.

This is due to the nature of our design and in-house methods, which put the customer first and foremost. We create and test unique designs all the time, with special projects and manufacturing available for any of our products.

pile driving machine
pile driving machine

One of our Maxi Postmasters fitted to a TB290 Takeuchi Excavator

For more information on our Postmaster products and what we supply - click on the links down below:

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