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The Benefits of Using an Auger

Updated: Nov 14, 2023


Autoguide Equipment - Auger Range

Autoguide Equipment have spent years developing cutting-edge technology to help auger new holes for drilling and installation purposes - from fence posts to BT lines, our kit is considered to be at the top of the market for auger technology

But how do you operate Augers ? How are neat and concise holes created with the kit ? What are the compatibility between our range and the machines available in the industry today ?



How do Augers operate ?

The function of an auger is to drill holes. The auger consists of a central drive shaft, with a spiral surround and a cutting head or blade.

By rotating the shaft, the cutting head digs into the ground, in a similar manner to a screw going into wood.

The debris from the hole then moves upwards on the auger's spiral surround, clearing it from the drilling head and hole.

It is these twin actions, drilling and debris removal, which make the auger such a useful tool.


Augers working in varying ground conditions

Auger's are design to drill into different types of ground conditions. The design of the shaft and spiral on an Auger influence what ground conditions become viable for drilling.

For example, we have a range of augers suitable for drilling into fine sands and silts - whereas others such as Earth Augers can drill into solid clay and made ground.

The cutting edge and pitch of the auger is always optimized for each type of ground material.


Entry Level & Professional Auger Packages

An entry level handheld power auger uses a small petrol engine and gearbox to drive the head. It is suitable for drilling holes into ground, frozen soils, and ice. It is typically used in gardening, tree planting, and providing foundations for domestic fencing or pergolas.

Bigger holes require larger, heavier augers. The power needed to turn an auger comes from either a crane mounted power head or excavator mounted auger drive. As an example, a typical crane mounted head weights around 450kg and can provide 12,500 Nm or torque, turning an 18" auger head at around 60 RPM


Here at Autoguide

Here at Autoguide, we specialize in providing earth drilling and auguring solutions. Our comprehensive selection of augers allow drilling of 6" to 48" diameter holes and can drill in soil conditions ranging from loose soil and sand, all the way to concrete and solid rock.

Our range of Auger drives are compatible with excavators from 1.5t - 15t, with options also available for 360 slew machines and 20t excavators also.

We also provide auger drives for lorry mounted cranes - with either a rope wind-up or Hydraulic fold-up bracket to help the head be stowed for transport, with a majority of crane drives used for installing poles - this options helps with not having to remove any attachment.

For more information on our products and what we're up to - please click and follow us on the links below 01380850885

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