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Currently we're recruiting for a Paint Spayer/Preparer to join our talented team! 


If the current positions aren't quite what you are looking for why not put yourself on our radar by sending us your CV?

Please detail why you would like to work for Autoguide and what position you would like to put yourself forward for and we can get in touch if a suitable position becomes available.

Paint Sprayer/Preparer

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We're looking for an experienced paint sprayer/preparer to support our Autoguide, ABC Anchors and Auto-Roller businesses - being able to paint and or prepare metalwork.  

As a paint sprayer you will have to set up equipment, mix materials correctly and achieve the right consistency. Taking the time to fully prepare the surfaces of the equipment before applying primer and paint.

This is a great opportunity for the right individual looking for a stable and rewarding experience.


Skills required: 

  • Maintain all equipment and ensure that paints are stored correctly

  • Preparing paint spraying equipment

  • Preparing the bodywork of the equipment using hand tools such as sanders, finger files, grinders and using overhead lifting equipment

  • Mixing paints to the right colour and consistency

  • Applying several coats to the metal work, including primers, colours and protective finishes (working in a spray booth to ensure paint is confined to the specific areas)

  • Maintaining and cleaning equipment

  • Storing paints in the correct conditions

  • Managing inventory of paints and equipment

  • Quality control

  • Ensuring that you always follow safety procedures

For more information or to apply - please get in touch using our contact form down below...

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