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Canal Restoration with a Mini Postmaster's Help

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Back in 2011 - Our Mini Postmaster was required by BWB to help install a variety of treated timber stakes along the Kennet & Avon Canal, which sits at 87 miles long connecting London with the Bristol Channel - passing through the Cotsworlds and Wiltshire.

Mini Postmaster 
mini postmaster

Autoguide's Mini Postmaster in combination with T H White's Palfinger Crane and BWB Barge.

BWB needed to drive the treated timber stakes into the canals banks to help support a geotextile material, avoiding future bank erosion from natural elements such as flooding, footfall and unprecedented changes in river streams.


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Using our close connections with T H White, we were able to use our combined technical and design knowledge to create an attachment and hydraulic assembly to suit the barge mounting.

During the installation, operators achieved 10 meters of work - driving in 20 posts and installing the geotextile material.


Here is what the BWB team has to say about our postmaster:

"The Performance was fantastic" - BWB Team

With some more practice and work, BWB expected to double their rate of work with our postmaster and were keen to use the postmaster on future projects.

Advantages Noted on the Postmaster during this project.

The Attach-plate will suit both cranes and excavators by modifying the attach-plate.

The equipment is very quiet in operation.

Posts are able to be repositioned or removed.

Operators aren't exposed to hazards seen with traditional post knockers, such as falling weights and manual handling of heavy equipment.

Posts are loaded into the hydraulic jaws, and left completely in control with the excavator / crane operator - with little to no assistance needed.


For more information on our postmaster range and products - please see down below for more information:

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