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Equus Design and Autoguide's Midi Postmaster

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

How an Oxford Design and Construction business have been using our Midi Postmaster on a recent project at Zacara Polo Ground, Shutlock Row

Back in 2022 - Equus Design approached Autoguide Equipment for an easier solution for fast & effective post installation - with preference for our quick working technology over traditional 'Post-Knockers'.

The works were being carried out at 'Zacara Polo Grounds' on Shutlock Row - Home to the Zacara Polo Team, winners of the 2011 Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup for the British Polo Championship and the U.S. Open Polo Championship.


The Midi Postmaster at Work

Over the course of 6 weeks, Equus Design successful installed over 600 square fencing posts - using our set of hydraulic jaws and postmaster technology.

With smooth operation & expert excavator handling, the fence line was completed in good time and effectively to the customers satisfaction.

The Postmaster's effective install rate and power made easy work of the ground - accompanied with a bespoke 'rock spike' to help churn up the soil - creating pilot holes along the course of the project.


Equus Design operating in Oxfordshire


Equus Design are based in Oxford, and provide a range of construction services to clients across the UK.

Equus work on all stages of a construction project - from creating design concepts and planning out logistics, to working on construction throughout and signing of the final build.

Often working closely with clients on equestrian and residential aspects for these projects, Equus Design put the customer's requirements at the front of all their projects.


We're happy to have supplied Equus with their brand-new Postmaster and Auger, and looking forward to the future work they'll be producing down the line. What an accomplishment on their first project!



Autoguide Postmaster's

Here at Autoguide, we can manufacture and deliver our bespoke Postmasters and Augers across the UK and abroad.

With an in-house design team - we have created special rotators, custom hydraulic jaws, and compatibility for crane-mounting, with select flow rates to choose from each size.

We have availability to create custom builds for our Postmaster's, Midi Postmaster, select attachment's and colours to represent either your company or business, and to fit any machine with a boom.

A Collection of Postmaster's at work across the UK


For more information regarding our products or business, please visit our website and check out our socials down below.

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