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Auger Driver


Construction products at Autoguide offer solutions for on-site drilling, screw piling, cable laying, pole removal and installation.

With years of experience in both telecommunications and construction - our products provide market leading technology & solutions to give our customers the best options available to date.

Auger Powerheads

Our Powerheads have been in development since 1988 - and since then we've been producing auger powerheads and accessories to equip the utility and telecommunications industries.


Our auger powerheads are developed to suit JCB's, cranes and excavators - with both single and alternative speed options available.


Our powerhead range is built with attachments such as hydraulic and rope-wind up brackets for crane-mounting, and our excavator range has bespoke swivels. 

Auger driver

Auger Torqueheads

Our range of torqueheads are built to install ABC anchors screw piles, our 60R, 76R and 89R range.


 We have an in-house design team who can design and make specialist drive adapters to suit different pile designs other than our own.


Our ability to design (and our love of a challenge) means we have built many torque heads such as the 210XV (The Largest Torquehead in Europe).


The Autoguide Postmaster is the best 'vibration' post-driver in the market.


Our range includes three different sizes of postmaster capable of putting in posts from 6" to 10" from strainers to specially designed posts and our in-house design function allows for bespoke modifications and accessories to suit any project.


Our postmasters are supplied with specially designed attachment plates and fittings to suit customer machines, and work on a double-acting auxiliary circuit.


The postmaster works brilliantly with old posts and removal work, along with building over existing fence lines.

Post knocker

Spreader Bars

Cable Drum Handler

Our Cable Drum Handlers are purpose-designed for safe lifting and handling of cable drums and cable laying applications.


Our light-weight bar allows for an easy assembly through the drum centre while the other parts are lifted into place with plant.


A simple pin in position coupler with adjustment allows the drum to be held on the bar ensuring controlled rotation.


Four standard units allow a large variety of drums to be carried. Featuring a lightweight aluminium spindle, within manual handling limits, and quick release collars with simple tool-less assembly.


Our bars are adjustable to to suit most working drums with a safe working load from 2.5T to 5T

Pole Grab

Autoguide Pole Grabs are the staple kit for utility & telecommuincation pole construction packages.


The pole grab offers a wide array of flexibility when developed, providing large diameter pivot bearings, dual rams and an electric control for the changeover of functions.


The simple mounting systems allow for crane, excavator, front-loader, tele-handler and slew machines at 8T up to 16T.


We offer two sizes of grab, with a SWL of 600KG & 1300KG for both telecoms, LV and HV fully dressed poles.


The grabs are designed for pole removal as well as installation with high strength jaws to ensure a positive grip on the pole for safe removal without compromise. 

Pole Grab
Auger Spares
Auger and Spares

Our spare parts range include options across of range of equipment. 

We can supply spare parts with delivery within 2 - 3 working days depending on stock levels. 

Some of our spare parts include Auger Teeth and Extensions for Augers. 

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