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Utilities Lorry


At the beating heart of Autoguide is our utility equipment - specially designed and manufactured to combat the challenging environments that utility companies operate in.

Our classic range of crane / excavator mounted auger units provide a perfect and flexible solution for fleet equipment and vehicles across the UK. 


Since 1988 we have developed our range, creating our variable speed 40,000 & 50,000 PXV units for BT, JCB and our special projects in the TC Series.

PXV Packages 40/50,000

40,000 PXV 

The Autoguide 40,000 PXV is used throughout the telecom industry, helping to install telecom and utility equipment such as LV poles.


The unit offers both high torque for tough ground conditions, and a fast free spin to help remove sticky debris or clay from the auger. The lightweight unit can be fitted to lorry loaders from 7T, with the Auger flight easily removed and stored should it be required. The unit is also capable of installing ABC stayanchors and products.


Combined with an effective rope wind-up system, the powerhead and augur can be stowed along the crane boom keeping the lifting hooks free for use.


It can easily be stored along the body and often at the headboard - the specially designed bracket can be used to lock the crane in the position to comply with current regulations for crane stowage.  

50,000 PXV  

The Autoguide 50,000 PXV is used throughout the utility industry for installing larger LV & HV poles. The unit is supplied with a standard 15" Rock Ripper auger offering great performance in all conditions. The 50,000 PXV is also capable of installing our sister company's 'ABC stay anchors'.


The addition of a Quick Hitch allows for full utilization of the crane capacity, if required, by simply removing the whole augur drive and powerhead from the boom in seconds.


 The hydraulic fold-up bracket uses a quick-hitch system for ease of attachment / detachment from the crane - this will allow the crane to be used to its full capacity.


We are able to custom design the interface plates between fold-up brackets and the crane boom to suit a large variety of lorry loaders. 

50000 PXV
Earth Drilling

Terrain Masters

Tracked Pole Erection Unit

The TC600 is a tracked mount carrier for loader cranes and work platforms, aimed at utility companies. The 7.5T tracked TC600 Terrain Master has rubber tracks and has been specifically designed to carry either a 9 meter/tonne loader crane or a 15 meter arial work platform.

The TC800 has been designed to be a versatile tracked carrier fitted with a crane and powerhead to enable installation poles in hard to reach location. It is a low-ground pressure rubber crawler type that can travel easily on uneven ground, soft ground or snow. Including a 5 - leg stability system to enable the machine to be secured on a range of terrains.

 With the safety of the user in mind, we have a remote control for both the tracked drive and crane for remote operating in difficult conditions.

Inside the cab, there is  a full 7" LED display for complete efficiency and effective monitoring while driving and when in use. 

Pole Grab

Autoguide Pole Grabs are the staple kit for utility & telecommunication pole construction packages. The pole grab offers a wide array of flexibility, large diameter pivot bearings, dual rams and an electric control for the changeover of functions.


The simple mounting systems allow for crane, excavator, front-loader, tele-handler and slew machines at 8T - 16T. We offer two sizes of grab, with a SWL of 600KG & 1300KG for both telecoms, LV and HV fully dressed poles.

The grabs are designed for pole removal as well as installation with high strength jaws to ensure a positive grip on the pole for safe removal without compromise. 

Front Loader Pole Grab

Pole Jack

Pole Extraction Unit

The Autoguide Pole Jack offers a 10T vertical lift to aid the extraction of old or out of specification poles. The pole jack is designed to provide a safe, secure and reliable method for extracting utility poles.


Specifically developed for the chain to grip around the pole, the pole jack is able to 'ratchet' the pole from the ground without any damage, whilst the jack is vertical.


It must be used in conjunction with a lorry loader to support the pole at all times. 


The newest addition to our PXV range of equipment is our single-speed auger drive for lorry and excavator packages.


We have designed these packages with the needs of utility and telecommunication companies in mind.


The 700X works alongside our brilliant 40,000 PXV Rope Wind-Up Kits and 50,000 Hydraulic Fold-up brackets - the perfect auger packages for excavators and vehicles in industry.


Capable of reaching 7000kNm and supporting our three-ranges of light, heavy and rock ripper augers, the 700X boasts an incredible entry-level package for utility augers. 

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