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Pole Grab

Pole Grab

Our Autoguide Pole Grabs are the staple kit for utility & telecommuincation pole construction packages. 


We have two options availble for the polegrab - Excavator Mounted and Crane Mounted


Front Loader/Excavator Mounted

The Autoguide front loader grab has been designed with the utility contractor in mind, incorporating a large diameter pivot bearing, dual rams and an electric control for the changeover of functions.


A simple mounting system offers the same unit can fit to front loaders, tele-handlers and slew machines from 8 tonne to 16 tonne.


The grab has been developed to offer the user flexibility for 10 degs below horizontal rotation up to 10 degrees past vertical. This ensures the pole can be positioned accurately on uneven ground.


The unique twin rotate rams and large pivot reduces play when delicate positioning is required for example live line.


We offer two sizes of grab, SWL of 600kg and 1300kg for both telecoms, LV and HV fully dressed poles.


The grab has been designed for pole removal as well as installation The high strength jaws ensure a positive grip on the pole for safe removal without compromise .


Crane Mounted


The crane mounted pole grab has been specially designed to allow the operator to utilise a hands free system for loading and unloading poles from the pole dump on to a carrier vehicle.


Our two models offer a safe working system for pole loading and pole stack work along with a manipulation on the more complex unit.


Along with the Autoguide quick hitch the grab can be changed over from pole handling to pole augering safely and quickly.


2 Function Pole grab

The Autoguide 2 function pole grab offers a safe hands free operation for loading and unloading timber and composite poles.


The grab system uses an accumulated circuit to ensure a constant pressure is applied to the poles, this can be set for more delicate poles to prevent damage.



The second function is rotation, this allows the user to rotate the pole for alignment along side the job or in line with the pole rack on the carrying vehicle.



These functions can be controlled either by 2 double acting circuits or if the autoguide quick hitch and auger unit is fitted by use of one double acting circuit and an electrical change over between rotate and grab.

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