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John Deere Hitch


Autoguide products are equipped for Fencing and Farming. Our classic postmasters have been a flagship for the fencing landscape, along with our timeless krone and JD pickup hitches.


The agricultural market is growing - and we have developed our products to suit this changing environment. With the creation of our Hinowa Tracked Winch, we are expanding our fleet to grow along with the industry and meet the challenges head-on.

Hinowa Tracked Winch

Tracked Winch

The Hinowa Tracked Winch is a special build designed by us at Autoguide. It has been designed for a wide variety of uses within the forestry and leisure industry in mind, with a compact design for easy transportation and accessibility.


The tracked winch is ideal for moving fallen trees and transporting lengths of timber to areas more suitable for logging. It can also be used for moving trailers/caravans and for launch and retrieval of pleasure boats.

JD & Krone Hitches

The Autoguide John Deere and Krone hitches have been part of the back bone at Autoguide - having been part of our product range for over 40 years ! 

We have developed and supplied agriculture hitches to support and fit both new and old style JD and Krone forage harvesters. 

Our Hitches follow a classic British design and standard, giving customers a signature Autoguide product with British values at heart.  

Krone Hitch


Post Master

The Autoguide Postmaster is the best 'vibration' post-driver in the market.


With three different sizes of postmaster capable of putting in posts from 6" to 10" from strainers to specially designed posts - our in-house design allows for bespoke modifications and accessories to suit any project.


Our postmasters are supplied with specially designed attachment plates and fittings to suit customer machines, and work on double-acting auxiliary circuits.

The postmaster is great when working with old posts and removal work, along with building over existing fence lines. Our postmaster range is ideal and available for purchase and hire. 

Powerheads /Auger Drivers

Autoguide's powerheads have been in development since 1988 - and we've been producing auger powerheads and accessories to equip the utility and telecommunications industries.


Our auger powerheads are developed to suit JCB's, cranes and excavators - with single-speed and alternative speed options available for purchase.


The powerhead range are built with attachments such as hydraulic and rope-wind up brackets for crane-mounting, and our excavator range is made with bespoke swivels. 

Auger Driver
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