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Country Works - Custom Postmaster Jaws

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

In this article, we will discuss Custom Postmaster Jaws. Country Works and Autoguide Equipment have worked together on postmaster solutions since 2018 - in which the company has since provided a number of landscaping and agricultural services across the South West.

In this particular instance - Country Works required a specifically designed set of jaws in which the could hold the fence posts 4" Max from the top of the post.

The fencing they were installing was a bespoke fence and rail combination, which can provide difficult to install with preset locations for the rails.

The jaws were designed in a way which didn't interfere with the pre-located rails - and helped with post installation throughout the project.

Overall, the country works team were satisfied with the results of the customer jaws and had the following to say:

As a repeat customer, Country Works highly recommends the Postmaster. It consistently performs above expectations.

We were able to install 60 chestnut post and rail bays, plus gate posts and a stile in 1.5 days. This is 3 days quicker than if we'd used an auger, and 6 days if installed by hand.

Thanks to the team at Autoguide, the jaw was designed perfectly to suit the posts we used.

Matt Harriyott, Country Works.

Some images of our postmaster in action with Country Works


With our in-house design team, we have a variety of versatile designs which can be modified and used for special projects and requirements - we don't just stop at the standard !

For more information on our business and products:

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