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Autoguide Equipment


As a leader in the industry, Autoguide Equipment has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that’s incomparable. We utilise this experience to provide both companies and individuals with quality and innovative products they can truly count on.

Rest assured that no matter what you need, you can rely on us to provide the absolute best.

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Terrain Master
Excavator Mounted Powerhead
Post master
Tracked Utilities Vehicle
Crane Mounted Powerhead
50,000PXV Excavator Mounted
British Manufacturing

Our promise is to build value into every product and project, while delivering professional expertise, exceptional customer service and quality of manufacture.


World Class Standards

Auger Powerhead


Construction products at Autoguide offer solutions for on-site drilling, screw piling, cable laying, pole removal and installation.

With years of experience in both telecommunications and construction - our products provide market leading technology & solutions to give our customers the best options available to date.

Our range of Torqueheads and Powerheads offer multiple options to construction companies, from drilling for railway lines to screw piling foundations - our products offer the best solution in every case.


Our in-house design and development team are always expanding our current fleet to offer innovative solutions and Autoguide quality. 

We have a full range of products to help with all elements of construction:

- Powerheads - Torqueheads - Spreader Bars - Postmasters - Pole grabs (Excavator Mounted, Front Loader Mounted and Crane Mounted)

- Various Augers & Spares


At the beating heart of Autoguide is our utility equipment - specially designed and manufactured to combat the challenging environments that utility companies can operate in. 

Our classic range of crane / excavator mounted auger units provide a perfect and flexible solution to fleet equipment and vehicles across the UK.


Since then we have come on leaps and bounds, creating our variable speed 40,000 & 50,000 PXV units for BT, JCB and our special projects in the TC Series.


Here is our range of utilities/telecommunication products:

- TC 600 - TC 800 - Pole grabs (Excavator Mounted, Front Loader Mounted and Crane Mounted) - Pole Jack

40,000 PXV - 50,000 PXV - 700X

Remote Control Tracked Auger Powerhead
Tracked Winch


Autoguide products are equipped for Fencing and Farming.

Our postmasters, valued throughout the industry for being a game changing product, along with our timeless Krone and JD pickup hitches.


The agricultural market is growing - and we have developed our products to suit this challenging environment. With the creation of our Hinowa Tracked Winch, we are expanding our fleet to grow along with the industry, including progressive solutions to challenges facing British Agriculture and Construction.


Here is our range of products:

- Hinowa Tracked Winch - John Deere / Krone Hitch - Postmaster Range - Powerheads 

Autoguide Equipment
Auger Fold Up Bracket

"Industry demands are such that we cannot afford down time and reliability is all so important. In our view Autoguide are by far the best in terms of quality, performance, technical service and what I can say is with a high degree of certainty, proven over the past 20 years of use is that Autoguide Equipment dependability is second to none" 

"Over the past 18 months, this latest batch of three will take to a total of eight additional 40,000 PXV units added to our fleet and we very much look forward to continuing our collaborative working relationship"

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Stockley Rd, Heddington, Calne SN11 0PS, UK

+44 (0)1380 850885

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Autoguide Equipment
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