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The Autoguide Pole Grab: Choosing the Right Option for Your Needs

Pole handling in utility contracting requires precision, safety, and efficiency. Autoguide understands these demands and offers exceptional options for pole grabbing: the Front Loader/Excavator Mounted grab and the Crane Mounted grab.

pole grab

Each option is tailored to different needs and situations, ensuring that utility contractors can work effectively in various environments. Let's explore the features and benefits of each option:

Front Loader/Excavator Mounted

The Front Loader/Excavator Mounted Autoguide pole grab is engineered with the utility contractor in mind. Its design incorporates a large diameter pivot bearing, dual rams, and

electric control for seamless function changeover. This grab offers versatility as it can be mounted on front loaders ranging from 8 to 16 tonnes.

Key Features:

  • Flexible Rotation: With a rotation range of 10 degrees below horizontal to 10 degrees past vertical, the grab ensures accurate pole positioning, even on uneven ground.

  • Twin Rotate Rams: Unique twin rotate rams and a large pivot reduce play, facilitating delicate positioning required for tasks such as live line work.

  • Multiple Sizes: Available in two sizes with Safe Working Loads (SWL) of 600kg and 1300kg, suitable for various pole types including telecoms, LV, and HV fully dressed poles.

  • Versatility: Designed for both pole removal and installation, with high-strength jaws ensuring a secure grip for safe removal without compromise.

Crane Mounted

The Crane Mounted pole grab is specially designed to provide operators with a hands-free system for loading and unloading poles onto carrier vehicles from the pole dump. This option offers a safe working system for pole loading, stack work, and manipulation, making it ideal for complex tasks.

Key Features:

  • Hands-Free Operation: Enables hands-free loading and unloading of poles, enhancing safety and efficiency.

  • Quick Changeover: With Autoguide's quick hitch system, the grab can be swiftly changed from pole handling to pole augering, ensuring versatility on the job site.

  • Two Models: Offers two models tailored to different needs, providing flexibility and adaptability for various applications.

2 Function Pole Grab

Autoguide also offers the 2 Function Pole Grab, providing a safe and efficient solution for loading and unloading timber and composite poles. This grab system utilises an accumulated circuit to apply constant pressure to the poles, preventing damage, and features rotation functionality for alignment alongside the job or on the carrying vehicle.

Key Features:

  • Constant Pressure: Ensures delicate poles are handled with care, preventing damage during loading and unloading.

  • Rotation Functionality: Allows for precise alignment, enhancing efficiency and accuracy on the job site.

  • Control Options: Can be controlled using either two double-acting circuits or a single double-acting circuit with electrical changeover between rotation and grab, offering versatility in operation.

In conclusion, Autoguide's Pole Grab options cater to the diverse needs of utility contractors, providing safe, efficient, and versatile solutions for pole handling tasks. Whether mounted on a front loader/excavator or a crane, these grabs offer precision, reliability, and ease of use, ensuring optimal performance in any environment. Choose Autoguide for your pole handling needs and experience enhanced productivity and safety on the job site.

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