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Installing HV and LV Poles with Autoguide's range of Utility Equipment

In the world of utility infrastructure, efficient and precise installation of low voltage (LV) and high voltage (HV) poles is essential. Autoguide, a leading manufacturer of utility equipment, offers a range of innovative solutions that revolutionise the process from start to finish. In this blog post, we will explore the step-by-step process of installing LV and HV poles using Autoguides' state-of-the-art equipment, covering everything from post removal to the final installation.

Thankyou CPD Powerline for sharing this image with us back in 2022.

Installing LV and HV Poles
Autoguide's Crane Mounted 40PXV Auger on CPD Powerline's Pole Erection Unit (PEU)

  1. Hydraulic Pole Jacks for Efficient Post Removal

The first crucial step in utility pole installation is the removal of existing posts. Autoguide addresses this with their hydraulic pole jacks, designed for swift and efficient post extraction. These powerful tools simplify the process, reducing manual labor and minimizing downtime during pole replacement projects. The hydraulic pole jack's precision and power ensure that the removal is done smoothly, leaving the groundwork ready for the new poles.

  1. Excavator-Mounted Pole Grab for Versatile Pole Handling

Once the old poles are removed, the next step is handling the new poles for installation. Autoguide offer an excavator-mounted pole grab that provides versatility and efficiency. This attachment allows utility workers to securely grip and position poles with ease, whether they are LV or HV. The excavator-mounted pole grab streamlines the installation process, allowing for precise positioning of poles in various terrains.

  1. Crane-Mounted Pole Grab for Heavy-Duty Installations

For larger-scale projects and heavy-duty installations, Autoguide offer a crane-mounted pole grab solution. This robust equipment is designed to handle the weight and size of high voltage poles, ensuring a safe and efficient installation process. The crane-mounted pole grab provides superior control and maneuverability, making it the ideal choice for projects that demand precision and strength.

  1. Auger Powerheads for Quick and Precise Drilling

To further enhance utility pole installation capabilities, Autoguide manufactures Auger powerheads as part of their PXV range. These powerheads are designed to be installed on Pole Erecting Units (PEUs), which are crane-mounted on utility trucks. The Auger powerheads streamline the drilling process, enabling quick and precise pole hole creation. The versatility of the PXV range ensures compatibility with various types of poles, making it an invaluable tool for utility companies.

  1. Streamlining Operations with Crane-Mounted PEUs

The integration of Auger powerheads on crane-mounted PEUs marks a significant advancement in utility pole installation. This combination optimises the entire process, from drilling holes to installing the poles. The crane-mounted PEUs, equipped with Autoguides' innovative technology, provide utility workers with a comprehensive solution that maximises efficiency and minimises manual effort.

Autoguide has revolutionised the utility equipment industry with its range of solutions for LV and HV pole installation. From hydraulic pole jacks for efficient post removal to excavator and crane-mounted pole grabs for versatile handling, Autoguide ensures a seamless installation process. The addition of Auger powerheads on crane-mounted PEUs further streamlines operations, offering a comprehensive solution for utility companies seeking efficiency, precision, and reliability in their pole installation projects. As technology continues to advance, Autoguide remains at the forefront, driving innovation and shaping the future of utility infrastructure development.

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