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Powerheads: Revolutionising Pole Erection Units in the Utilities Industry

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

The pole erection process is a critical part of the utilities industry. Powerheads are revolutionising the way that poles are erected, making the entire process safer, faster and more efficient. We'll explore how powerheads are transforming pole erection in the utility industry, the advantages they offer and the different types of powerheads available.

Pole Erection Unit for the Utilities Industry
Pole Erection Unit (PEU)

What are the benefits of using Powerheads on Pole Erection Units?

One major benefit of using powerheads is their ability to make pole erection much easier and faster. This is largely due to the auger attachment that is used with the powerhead. The auger is a spiral-shaped drilling tool that is powered by the powerhead, allowing it to quickly and efficiently dig holes for utility poles. This eliminates the need for manual digging and speeds up the entire pole erection process.

Another benefit of using powerheads is their versatility. They can be attached to a variety of different cranes and vehicles, allowing them to be used in a wide range of different applications. This means that they can be used for everything from small-scale residential projects to large-scale commercial and industrial applications.

Powerheads also come with a number of useful features and accessories. For example, many powerheads come with a rope wind up system, which allows the powerhead and auger to be stowed along the crane boom while keeping the lifting hook free for use. This makes transportation and storage much easier and more efficient.

Additionally, the hydraulic fold-up brackets that come with some powerheads are designed to allow the powerhead to be stowed for transport on the pole erection unit and to allow the crane to be used for pole work without removing attachments. This makes it easy to switch between different types of tasks and ensures that the crane is always being used to its full capacity.

Overall, the benefits of using powerheads for pole erection in the utilities industry are clear. They make the process faster, easier, and more efficient, while also providing a range of useful features and accessories to help streamline the entire process.

Hydraulic Wind Up or Rope Wind Up?

When it comes to choosing between rope wind up or hydraulic wind up systems for powerheads, it's important to consider the specific needs of your utilities business. Both options offer benefits and can be used effectively for pole erection work, but they have some differences.

The rope wind up system is a simple and cost-effective option that is offered as standard with the 40PXV powerhead. This system allows the powerhead and auger to be stowed along the crane boom, freeing up the lifting hook for other tasks. The permanently mounted frame holds the latch, rope, and safety stop, and the auger shaft or extension is used to wind the auger into its stowed position. This system is also offered with the 50PXV when the vehicle is used for poling only.

On the other hand, the hydraulic fold-up brackets allow the powerhead to be stowed for transport and the crane to be used for pole work without removing attachments. This system uses the Quick Hitch system for ease of attachment and detachment from the crane, allowing the crane to be used to its full capacity. This is particularly useful for businesses that need to switch between different types of work quickly.

Ultimately, the choice between rope wind up or hydraulic wind up will depend on your specific business needs and budget. However, both options offer benefits for pole erection work and can be used effectively in the utilities industry. It's important to choose a powerhead and wind up system that is reliable, efficient, and safe to use.

Powerheads and Equipment Available

As standard we offer the Autoguide 40,000PXV and 50,000 PXV which is widely used in the utility industry for installing larger LV and HV poles. These powerheads come with a Rock Ripper auger, perfect for earth drilling in all conditions. Additionally, it can also be used for pole extraction and installation of our sister company's ABC stay anchors.

To fully utilise the crane capacity, the 50,000 PXV comes with a Quick Hitch system which allows for quick and easy removal of the whole auger drive and powerhead from the boom in seconds.

One of our latest additions to the PXV range is our single-speed auger drive for lorry and excavator packages.

This package is perfect for earth drilling and is specially designed with utility and telecommunication companies in mind. The 700X auger drive is capable of reaching 7000kNm and supports our three ranges of light, heavy and rock ripper augers. With the addition of our 40,000 PXV Rope Wind-Up Kits and 50,000 Hydraulic Fold-up brackets, this is the perfect entry-level package for utility augering.

Our team can even custom design the interface plates between fold-up brackets and the crane boom to suit a large variety of lorry loaders, making it a versatile powerhead solution for any utility company's needs.

Another popular option in the utilities industry is our pole extraction units - the Pole Jack. These units make pole removal quick and easy, allowing for efficient and safe replacement or maintenance of power lines.

We also have our crane mounted pole grab. This hands-free system allows operators to load and unload poles safely and quickly, while the two models available offer a safe working system for both pole loading and pole stack work. Additionally, the manipulation function on the more complex unit allows for even greater precision and control.

The Autoguide 2 function pole grab is another product that can be a valuable addition to any pole erection operation. With a circuit system that applies constant pressure to the poles and the ability to rotate the pole for alignment, this grab offers a safe and efficient solution for handling timber and composite poles.

Lastly, our cable drum spreader bars are essential for safely transporting and installing cable drums on site. Our spreader bars come in a variety of sizes and weight capacities, ensuring that all your cable drum transport needs are met.

At our company, we understand the unique demands of the utilities industry and have designed our equipment with these demands in mind. No matter what your needs are, we have the tools to get the job done quickly and safely.

Why not get in touch to see how we can help!

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