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A Unique Project: The Tracked Postmaster (Fencing Rig)

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Every now and again, we're asked for a special project. This can be in the form of a bespoke piling rig for traditional piling, custom cricket rollers with canopies and USB ports.

However, in this case, our customer approached us to build a bespoke fencing rig - one of a kind.

Designer Metal, at the time, were investigating different methods for installing fencing posts at their estate. These posts being an bespoke design, require a special jaw configuration that would allow the flat steel posts to be driven into the ground.

Postmaster Fencing Rig
Postmaster Fencing Rig

The Decision and Build Process for the Fencing Rig

With positive testing and a look at our TC600 range, a decision was proposed to create the first ever 'tracked' postmaster rig.

With our insider-knowledge and history of building track-based machines, the customer decided that this would be the best option forward, commissioning the special project.

Using our Midi Postmaster, we mounted the custom bracketry to a custom mast with 5 axis of movement to enable maximum adjustment to vibrate posts into a range of positions and angles.

This was then mounted on a specifically designed chassis and connected to a Hinowa expanding track base for additional stability.

After thorough testing, the machine was painted to the customer's company colors, and at the time was used to install over 400 posts a day !

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