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We Don’t Just Service Our Machinery – We Maintain All Auger Drivers and Torque Heads!

Maintaining heavy machinery isn't just about keeping it running; it's about ensuring peak performance, safety, and cost efficiency. While we are proud of our expertise here at Autoguide Equipment, our commitment to top-notch maintenance extends to all auger drivers and torque heads. Here's why regular servicing of your machinery is crucial and how we can help.

Auger Service

Why Regular Maintenance Matters

  1. Increased Efficiency Regular servicing ensures that your machinery operates at its best. By addressing potential issues early, you reduce downtime and improve overall productivity. This keeps your projects on schedule and your operations running smoothly.

  2. Extended Lifespan Maintenance isn't just about fixing what's broken; it's about preventing wear and tear. By servicing your equipment regularly, you can significantly extend its lifespan, delaying the need for costly replacements and ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

  3. Cost Savings Preventative maintenance helps catch issues before they become expensive problems. By identifying and addressing small issues early, you avoid the high costs of major repairs or replacements and minimise operational costs.

  4. Improved Safety Safety is paramount. Regular checks and maintenance help identify potential hazards and fix them before they lead to accidents. This not only protects your operators but also enhances the overall safety of your work environment.

  5. Enhanced Reliability Well-maintained machinery is more reliable. Regular servicing minimises the risk of unexpected breakdowns, ensuring consistent performance and reliability. This helps you avoid costly delays and disruptions.

  6. Better Resale Value Machinery that is regularly serviced and well-maintained typically has a higher resale value. When it's time to upgrade or sell your equipment, well-documented maintenance can be a strong selling point, providing you with a better return on your investment.

  7. Minimised Interruptions Scheduled maintenance prevents unexpected breakdowns, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations. This keeps your workflow seamless and helps you meet your deadlines more effectively.

  8. Optimised Performance Regular servicing keeps your machinery fine-tuned and operating at peak efficiency. This ensures that your equipment works effectively, delivering the performance you expect and need for your projects.

Our Comprehensive Service Offering

We don't just service our machinery – we provide a complete maintenance solution for all auger drivers and torque heads. Here’s what our service includes:

  • Removal and Strip Down of Auger Unit We begin by carefully removing the auger unit, preparing it for a thorough inspection and service.

  • Removing the Gearbox The gearbox is then removed to allow for detailed examination and maintenance, ensuring that all components are in good working order.

  • Changing the Oil Fresh oil is essential for smooth operation. We change the oil to keep your machinery running efficiently and to prolong the life of moving parts.

  • Overall Inspection Our comprehensive inspection covers the entire unit and associated components, such as the quick hitch, attachments, and fold-up brackets. We check for wear and tear and address any issues we find.

  • Reassembly and Installation After servicing, we carefully reassemble and reinstall the unit, ensuring that everything is fitted correctly and securely.

  • Testing Finally, we conduct thorough testing to confirm that the machinery is operating at optimal performance. This step is crucial to verify the effectiveness of the maintenance performed.

Additional Services

When you choose to have your service carried out at our premises, we also offer calibrations to further optimize your machinery’s performance. Our expert team is equipped to fine-tune your equipment to meet your specific needs, enhancing its efficiency and effectiveness.

Regular maintenance is more than a routine task; it's a proactive measure that can save you time, money, and stress. Trust us to provide top-notch service for all your auger drivers and torque heads, ensuring that your machinery is always in peak condition and ready to perform. Contact us today to schedule your maintenance and experience the benefits of professional servicing.

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