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Streamlining Your Post Installation Process with Postmaster Technology

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Are you looking for an efficient way to install posts? Postmaster technology is revolutionising the post-installation process by streamlining it and making it easier than ever before. Utilising a hydraulic post driver, Postmaster provides a powerful, fast, and accurate way to install posts with minimal effort. With this technology, you can quickly and easily install posts of all shapes and sizes, drastically reducing your post-installation time. This blog post will explore the benefits of Postmaster technology and how it can help you streamline your post-installation process.

The benefits of using a hydraulic post driver

If you're in the business of fence installation, you know just how time-consuming and labour-intensive the post-installation process can be. Fortunately, with the help of hydraulic post drivers such as the Autoguide Postmaster, the task has been made easier and more efficient.

One of the key benefits of using a hydraulic post driver is that it enables quick installation of posts. In contrast to using a manual post knocker, which involves strenuous manual labour, a hydraulic post knocker is operated with the use of hydraulics, enabling posts to be installed more quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, hydraulic post knockers offer a much safer way to install posts, as they reduce the likelihood of injury to workers by eliminating the need for manual labour. And with minimal damage to posts, they ensure a more professional-looking end result. Another advantage of hydraulic post drivers is that they are much quieter than conventional post knockers, making them ideal for use in residential areas where noise can be a concern. They also cause minimal ground disruption, allowing for less clean-up after installation.

With the Autoguide Postmaster, you'll experience all these benefits and more. Its unique clamp securely holds the post in place, making it easy to extract old posts or reposition them as necessary. And thanks to its simple connection to all makes and models of excavator, it's a versatile tool that can be used by anyone from occasional fencers to full-time contractors.

In summary, if you're looking for a more efficient and effective way to install fence posts, consider investing in a hydraulic post driver like the Autoguide Postmaster. With its superior design and features, you'll streamline your post-installation process and achieve professional results every time.

Our range of Postmasters

At Autoguide, we understand that different jobs require different equipment. That's why we offer a range of hydraulic post drivers to suit any installation job. Whether you need to install short runs, have restricted access or need to quickly repair posts, we have the right tool for you.

Starting with our Mini Postmaster, which is perfect for smaller excavators ranging from 1.5 to 3 tonne, this lightweight and compact unit can drive posts up to 6" and fits directly to the bucket pins. With only two hoses required for operation, this unit is an ideal companion for any installation job.

Moving up in size, our Midi Postmaster fits diggers from 2.5 to 5 tonne and can drive posts up to 8". The post clamp system offers three positions for a secure grip on any type of post. The larger machine offers more power, enabling it to install a larger variety of posts, from timber to straining posts and even steel sections for solar farms.

Finally, our Maxi Postmaster fits diggers from 5 to 8 tonne, and with double the live energy of the Midi Postmaster, it's the ideal tool for full-time contractors who require hard-hitting performance with refined accuracy and speed. This powerful unit can drive posts up to 10" and like the others in our range, it fits directly to the bucket pins and only requires two hoses for operation.

So no matter what kind of installation job you need to tackle, we have the perfect tool for you in our range of Postmasters. Invest in one today and streamline your post-installation process with ease.

Autoguide Maxi Postmaster
Maxi Postmaster


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