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South West Fencing and Habitats

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

To Jack and his team, we applaud the extraordinary work being carried out and professional use of our equipment through the project.


'South West Fencing and Habitats' supply rural and agricultural fencing and construction services across Southern Ireland, often using traditional post knockers and drivers to install fencing.

However, back in 2022, Jack Bennet approached Autoguide looking for an alternative solution for his site work. Working in Agricultural Fencing for 15 years, Jack wanted a piece of equipment to assist with quick and efficient post installation, using one machine to do all the heavy lifting and having simple attachment options to help do-so.

South West Fencing and Landscaping at work in Co. Cork, Republic of Ireland


The Job: Middleton to Youghal Greenway, Co. Cork, Republic of Ireland

South West Fencing and Habitats were commissioned with fencing on new boundaries, which were created when converting a disused railway line into a public cycle path.

The Materials included:

  • 6000m worth of 120cm horse net on timber posts, supported with both 2.4m strainer posts and 2.1m Stakes.

  • 3600m of Clipex Horse Net.

  • 150m Sawn 5 x 3 Timber post and rail.

The work involved using the 'Midi' Postmaster on a 5T 'Kato' Excavator to install of the posts on site.

Much of the fencing was installed on boundary banks where the reach of the excavator gave plenty of height and room to fit in the 3m Timber strainers - that were being fitted into the wetter sections.


Jack notes that:

"The Compact size of the Postmaster makes it easy to maneuver the boom between mature tress when needed"
"The Postmaster grips the post and allows you to control the driving and remove posts that have moved out of position"

- Jack Bennet, South West Fencing and Habitats


Using the 'Midi' Postmaster to drive in 2.4M Strainer Posts

On Site, Jack and the team were using both 850 Clipex steel posts and 2.5m - 75mm strainers to install and support construction.

Using the Postmaster allowed a comfortable grip on the drive tube and allows post driving in a straight line without damaging any galvanizing.


The Advantage of Using our Postmaster's | South West Fencing and Habitats

After using the Postmaster for a number of weeks, South West Fencing and Habitats have created a list of benefits to using the postmaster over traditional post driving and knockings equipment.

1. Compact and Easy to Use.
- The size and weight of the postmaster allows easy maneuverability across sites and in-between trees for easy installation.

2. Light when Excavator is at Full Reach
- The weight of the postmaster allows the boom of an excavator to be at full reach and still have efficient driving capabilities - reaching max power.

3. Fits easily on a range of excavators of different weights and Hydraulic Power.
- The postmasters design and hydraulics allows for a range of compatibility with for excavator attachment, suited to diggers from 5t - 8t.

4. Dampers to reduce vibration for operator and machine.

5. Can drive timber posts, steel posts and sawn timbers.

6. Compatible with a Rock Spike.

7. Easily passes inspections by safety officer.

8.Powerful enough to drive strainer posts



South West Fencing and Habitats are providing quality fencing services across Southern Ireland - helping maintain & construct new and improved fencing landscapes for clients.

We're exceptionally pleased seeing our Postmaster at work, installing and removing posts from existing fencing lines.

To Jack and his team, we applaud the extraordinary work being carried out and professional use of our equipment throughout their projects.

Anyone looking for a reliable fencing contractor in Ireland - with expert knowledge and sound equipment should look no further than South West Fencing and Contracting.


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