The Biggest in Europe – 210XV Torque Head

Autoguide equipment introduce the 210XV, a variable speed torque head with maximum ratings up to 330kNm for excavators in the 30 tonne range.

Shown here being used on a JCB JS 290 by local firm FLI structures, driving piles up to 610mm diameter.

The site used is known to have a layer of very hard boulder clay at around 3-4 m with an SPT of 70. The variable speed torque head, using high efficiency motors easily powered both 610mm and 457mm piles through this material. An in cab display permits torque level and speed selection from the touch screen, as well as providing an electronic record of the pile installation.

All members of the FLI team based in Gloucester are extremely happy with the new addition to the team!

The unit can be operated in 3 modes:

A – Fixed low speed low torque (110kNm)
B – Fixed low speed high torque (220 kNm)
C – Variable speed high torque (220kNm at 280 BAR)

Various torque limits can be preset so that piles with torque limits from 60kNm to 220kNm can be installed with the same unit. This saves time and extends the usefulness of the unit.

The use of variable speed motors reduces pile installation time by around 50% and saves fuel and noise into the bargain.

Until recently very large piles had to be driven by vibrators or hammers causing noise and local damage, neither being desirable to neighbouring properties, existing foundations or co-workers. This unit is quiet in operation, permitting normal conversation with no associated vibration.

Autoguide Equipment produce a wide range of screw pile installation equipment- from 4kNm hand held to 330kNm. Our products are renowned for their reliability and our engineers based in Wiltshire are constantly improving and developing our equipment.

We are proud to have designed systems which improves safety and works closely with engineers in the field to understand how our products are used and how we can improve our customer profitability.