Terrain Master TC600 Video

This video shows the new Terrain Master TC600 equipped with a Palfinger PK 9001 EH crane and an Autoguide Equipment 40,000PXV Auger Unit. It is being operated completely via remote control, including tracks, crane, support legs and auger attachment.

The first machines have tracked their way out of our workshops and off to the customer. These have been configured as the Terrain Master TC600 Crane unit, for use with all aspects of utility pole and transformer work, and offering the following benefits:

  • A flexible highly manoeuvrable machine, able to carry off-road up to 22m poles and a transformer. The machine can auger the hole, install the pole and lift the transformer into position
  • Fully remote controlled to allow the driver to drive the machine from a safe distance in the field, with the additional advantage of safe, easy loading from the ground with lashing points in the track frame – so the operator never needs to get on the bed of the lorry
  • Incorporating a number of advanced features designed to appeal to overhead
    linesmen who have to repair utility poles in hostile environments
  • In addition, the base unit can be fitted with a variety of different attachments:
  • Access Platform
  • Detachable or Tipping Bed
  • Post Driver
  • All of these can be designed and built to suit your specific requirements.