Plantworx 2019

Autoguide Equipment and ABC Anchors are delighted to be exhibiting again at Plantworx this year from 11-13th June.

When we last exhibited in 2017, visitors were especially interested in our range of vibrating post installers. We previously demoed our Midi Postmaster, but this year we will also be demoing our Maxi Postmaster, which can install posts up to 10" diameter.

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Terrain Master – TC800

Autoguide have added to our fleet of bespoke machinery with the new Terrain Master TC800, created to be a scaled up version of the successful Terrain Master TC600. We first designed the smaller machines in 2011 and have developed them over time along with our extensive portfolio of other bespoke solutions, such as tracked fencing machines and drilling rigs.

Our team put together the design to offer a more stable base unit with a much uprated lorry loader. The Palfinger PK14502 SH (supplied by TH White Devizes) boasts a capacity of 1200kg with a 12m outreach – a specification requested by our customer.

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50,000 PXV Powerhead Refurbishment

We not only manufacture and supply powerheads and utility packages, but also offer servicing and repair of any of our units. Previously, we have serviced units that have been going since we started making them in the early 90s!

One of our customers got in contact with us, wanting to upgrade a 50,000 PXV crane mounted powerhead with a manual quick hitch used in the utility industry.



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Doosan Drilling Rig

Autoguide Equipment’s key products are known for making round holes in the ground and this special project was no exception!

After a meeting on site we were asked to commission a pre-boring drilling rig with specific design criteria to give the customer better productivity rates and be more efficient in their processes. The donor machine; a Doosan 140LC, was delivered to site. The bucket, dipper and boom were removed to allow us to design and build a bespoke 10m drilling mast.

The design brief was to manufacture an auger drive unit and mast capable of 20kNm in conjunction with a fast spin off speed to aid spoil removal and 8.5m of mast stroke. The required RPM speed for drilling also needed to be set along with upper and lower limits on the carriage depth and pull back. 

Legislation set the specification for the guarding and interlocks and the finished machine is now working hard on large commercial sites preparing the ground for building works. From housing estates to distribution centres, the pre-boring rig is one of the first processes on site, alongside ground stabilisation works.

We very much look forward to working with Mat and Tim in the future and continuing to build on our wide variety of specialist bespoke products.

"After being introduced to Autoguide for this first time by a mutual client, they took on our project to create a new drilling rig built to our specification. From inception we felt comfortable with Autoguide and their many years of expertise was clear to see.
We felt included and valued in the design and build and we are very happy with what they managed to achieve with our machine.
We are planning for Autoguide to build us another machine soon and I look forward to building a long working relationship with them."

If you are inspired by our special machines and have a bespoke project in mind that we could take a look at, please contact the office to discuss your requirements.

Plantworx 2017

Autoguide Equipment and ABC Anchors would like to thank all of those who joined us at the Plantworx Construction Equipment Show last week! We had some mixed weather conditions, but were delighted to see a high level of interest over all three days despite the sea of mud!

Visitors were especially interested in our range of vibrating post installers. Throughout the show, we were demoing our Midi Postmaster installing and removing 6” posts, although the machine is capable of driving up to 8” posts on a 3-5 tonne excavator.

Also displayed at the show was a variety of utilities equipment including our Utility Pole Grab, Cable Drum Spreader Bar and 40,000 PX Powerhead, as well as ABC Anchor’s range of screwpiles.

We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and we look forward to exhibiting at Plantworx again next time.

Midi-Postmaster Demonstration

Terrain Master – TC600

TC600 - Terrain Master

Terrain Master TC600 Tracked Carrier Chassis Only
Terrain Master TC600 Tracked Carrier with Loader Crane
Terrain Master TC600 Tracked Carrier PEU. Loader Crane + 40,000PXV Powerhead
Terrain Master TC600 with Fence Post Driver

The TC600 is a track mounted carrier for loader cranes and work platforms, aimed at utility companies.

The 7.5 tonne tracked TC600 Terrain Master has rubber tracks and has been specifically designed to carry either a nine metre/tonne loader crane or a 15 metre aerial work platform.

It has a top speed of 11kph and is available with full radio remote control and side, front and rear stabilisers. The unit also features a 4,500kg capacity electric winch and a charging station for the remote control batteries.




Complete Radio Control Operation

High visibility ROPS and FOPS tested cab

Optional radial hydraulic legs provide complete working stability

Rubber tracks and a proven track suspension system

Compact Dimensions

Terrain Master TC600 Chassis Only


Vehicle Type

Autoguide 7.5 tonne gross hydrostatic drive, rubber tracked carrier


Glazed and heated cab conforming to ROPS ISO 3471/ FOPS ISO3449



3.33 litre Kubota V3307-DI-E3B diesel engine. 55.4 kw




Electro – Hydraulic negative type (automatically fail safe)


Mounted on cab



24 volt - 140 ah with 45amp alternator, battery isolator switch

Track Width 500 mm
Track Gauge 1450 mm
Sprocket Centres 2440 mm
Ground Clearance 350 mm
Overall Length 3800 mm
Overall Width 2050 mm
Overall Height 250 mm (over exhaust)
GVW 7,500 kgs
Gradeability 30 degrees
Speed (low ratio) 0-6 km/hr
Speed (high ratio) 0-11 km/hr
Ground Pressure 0.15kg/cm2 (empty)
Security Engine immobiliser
Livery To customer standard


Loader Crane

Shown here with a Palfinger 9001-EH triple telescopic crane and Autoguide 40,000PXV auger unit, the compact dimensions are easy to see.

In conjunction with the fully powered crane stabilisers, the three radial legs interface with the crane stability system, allowing the full 9 tonne metres capacity to be utilised.

For crane operation a Parker load sensing 60 l/m 320 BAR pump is fitted which together with an auto throttle system, saves fuel whilst extending engine life.

Fitted with a Parker IQAN system the TC600 and crane are fully radio controlled.

Terrain Master TC600 with Palfinger Crane


Crane 9001-EH triple telescopic
Capacity 9 tonne


Pole Erection Unit

The Terrain Master TC600 Pole Erection Unit consists of Palfinger Crane, Autoguide 40,000 PXV Powerhead on a Rope Wind-Up bracket with a choice of Augers. Also available is the crane mounted pole grab.

TC600 Erecting utility pole



Terrain Master TC600 Chassis Brochure


Crane Mounted Auger Drivers

Crane Mounted Auger Drives

50,000 PXV Variable Speed Crane Mounted Powerhead

The Autoguide 50,000 PXV is used throughout the utility industry for installing large LV and HV poles. As standard, the unit is supplied with an 18” Rock Ripper auger offering great performance in all conditions. With the addition of an anchor driver the auger can be easily changed to install screwed stays or PISA anchors

The hydraulic fold up bracket offers a fast and safe system for storing the auger unit along the crane boom or in the bed of the lorry.

The addition of the Quick Hitch allows full utilisation of the crane capacity, if required, by simply removing the whole auger drive and powerhead from the boom in seconds. Attaching the unit is also very quick allowing the whole vehicle to be utilised as a multi tool.



The Hydraulic Fold-Up Brackets have been designed to allow the Powerhead to be stowed for transport and to allow the crane to be used for pole work without removing attachments.

The Hydraulic Fold-Up bracket uses the Quick Hitch system for ease of attachment / detachment from the crane. This will allow the crane to be used to its full capacity.

Autoguide can custom design the interface plates between the fold-up brackets and the crane boom to suit a large variety of lorry loaders



The rope wind up system is offered with the 50PXV when the vehicle is used for poling only. The permanently mounted frame holds the latch, rope and safety stop. The auger shaft or extension is used to wind the auger into its stowed position.


50,000PXV with Heavy Duty Auger


Total Weight 450kg
Torque 12,500 Nm
Speed 60 RPM
Flow 30-50 l/min
Pressure 275 BAR
Maximum Auger 18"
Excavator Size 11 t/m - 27 t/m cranes
50,000PXV with Hydraulic Folding Bracket and Quick Hitch

40,000 PXV Variable Speed Crane Mounted Powerhead



The Autoguide 40,000 PXV is widely used throughout the telecom and utility industry for installing telecom and LV poles. As standard, the unit is supplied with a 12” Rock Ripper auger offering great performance in all conditions.

This unit has been proven over many years of hard use within the telecom industry. It offers both high torque for tough conditions as well as a fast free spin quickly removing the spoil or sticky clay without the user ‘scraping ‘ the auger clean. This light weight unit can be fitted to lorry loaders from 7T/M and the auger flight can be removed should more lifting capacity be required. The system is normally permanently mounted to ensure the variable speed motor is free from the opportunity of contamination. There is also a relief valve to protect the motor. With the addition of a stay drive tube the unit can also install PISA anchors or screwed stays.



The rope wind up system is offered as standard with the 40PXV.This simple system allows the Powerhead and Auger to be stowed along the crane boom keeping the lifting hook free for use. The permanently mounted frame holds the latch, rope and safety stop. The auger shaft or extension is used to wind the auger into its stowed position.

For Pole Erection Units (PEU) the crane and Powerhead are usually stowed along the body and often on the head board. The body of the powerhead and a specially designed bracket can be used to lock the crane in the position to comply with current regulations for crane stowage.


40,000PXV Rope Windup Auger Drive on Autoguide TC600 and Palfinger Crane


Total Weight 300kg
Torque 10,000 Nm
Speed 60 RPM
Flow 25-50 l/min
Pressure 275 BAR
Maximum Auger 15"
Excavator Size 7 t/m - 12 t/m cranes

Rock Master

Autoguide can also offer a more specialist machine. The Rock Master combines the best of both variable speed powerhead plus the addition of a vibrating gearbox.

The Rock Master is a fast, efficient auger with the ability to drill through fractured rock in some of the most demanding situations. With the vibrator activated, the whole auger string is active allowing the hardened rock picks to break our rock leaving a clear hole for Utility poles. Typically the Rock Master can drill 1m deep 12” diameter in granite in one hour.

The unique feature of this machine is with vibration off, the same unit can be used for standard soil hols without adaption. This gives the users a versatile all round powerhead that can be used every day. With a small adaption the unit can also install PISA anchors.


Total Weight 525kg
Torque 1,150 Nm
Speed 50 RPM
Flow 50 l/min
Pressure 275 BAR
Maximum Auger 18"
Crane Size 10-15 t/m
Rock Master Vibrating Auger Drive on BT truck



Utilities - Solutions & Accessories Brochure


Utilities Technical Specifications


Rock Master Leaflet


Auger Powerheads Leaflet

Utility Pole Jack

The Autoguide Pole Jack has been designed and produced for many years. It provides a safe, secure, reliable method for extracting utility poles.

The Pole Jack can offer a 10T vertical lift to aid the extraction of old or out of specification poles. The jack is also able to remove the poles with timber blocks without the need to hand dig. The pole jack also removes rotten poles reducing the risk of breaking and potential ‘cartwheels’. Specially developed chain grips the pole without damage and will ‘ratchet’ the pole out of the ground whilst keeping the jack vertical.

It must be used in conjunction with a lorry loader to support the pole at all times.

For steel or composite poles the chain can be substituted for a fibre or webbing strop.

Pole Jack


Max Pressure 210 BAR
Jacking Capacity 10,000 kg
Jack Weight 35kg



Utilities - Solutions & Accessories Brochure


Utilities Technical Specifications

Utility Pole Grab

Front Loader and Excavator Utility Pole Grab

The Autoguide front loader grab has been designed with the utility contractor in mind, incorporating a large diameter pivot bearing, dual rams and an electric control for the changeover of functions.

A simple mounting system offers the same unit can fit to front loaders, tele-handlers and slew machines from 8 tonne to 16 tonne. The grab has been developed to offer the user flexibility for 10 degs below horizontal rotation up to 10 degrees past vertical. This ensures the pole can be positioned accurately on uneven ground. The unique twin rotate rams and large pivot reduces play when delicate positioning is required for example live line.

We offer two sizes of grab, SWL of 600kg and 1300kg for both telecoms, LV and HV fully dressed poles.

The grab has been designed for pole removal as well as installation The high strength jaws ensure a positive grip on the pole for safe removal without compromise .


Autoguide Utility Pole Grab on JCB 4CX Excavator


Total Weight 650kg and 1000kg
SWL 600kg and 1300kg
Pressure 215 BAR
Pole Size 6-24"
Autoguide Utility Pole Grab on JCB 4CX Excavator

Crane Mounted Utility Pole Grab

The crane mounted pole grab has been specially designed to allow the operator to utilise a hands free system for loading and unloading poles from the pole dump on to a carrier vehicle
Our two models offer a safe working system for pole loading and pole stack work along with a manipulation on the more complex unit. Along with the Autoguide quick hitch the grab can be changed over from pole handling to pole augering safely and quickly.


2 Function Pole grab

The Autoguide 2 function pole grab offers a safe hands free operation for loading and unloading timber and composite poles. The grab system uses an accumulated circuit to ensure a constant pressure is applied to the poles, this can be set for more delicate poles to prevent damage.

The second function is rotation, this allows the user to rotate the pole for alignment along side the job or in line with the pole rack on the carrying vehicle.

These functions can be controlled either by 2 double acting circuits or if the autoguide quick hitch and auger unit is fitted by use of one double acting circuit and an electrical change over between rotate and grab.

Palfinger Crane Mounted Pole Grab
Palfinger Crane Mounted Pole Grab


  2 Function
Weight 150kg
SWL 1,000kg
Working Pressure 215 BAR
Hydraulic functions

2 x double acting services

or 1x double acting services with changeover valve

Crane Mounted Utility Pole Grab



Utilities - Solutions & Accessories Brochure


Utilities Technical Specifications

Cable Drum Handler

Designed for the safe lifting and handling of cable drums and cable laying applications. The light weight bar allows easy assembly through the drum centre while all other parts are lifted into place with plant.

A simple pin in position couplers with adjustment allows the drum to be held on the bar ensuring controlled rotation.

Four standard units allow a large variety of drums to be carried.

Hand-built with great emphasis on quality, strength and efficiency of design.

Features a lightweight aluminium spindle, within manual handling limits, and quick release collars with simple tool-less assembly.

Adjustable to suit most drums with a safe working load from 2.5-5T.

Cable drums rotate freely on bearings to ensure smooth cable unwinding.

Easily stowed when not in use.

Cable Drum Spreader Bar


Part No. Max. Capacity (kg) Min. Drum Width (mm) Max. Drum Width (mm) Max. Drum Diameter (mm) Max. Drum Hold Size (mm) Spindle Weight
39543 5000 800 1700 2700 80 22
39544 5000 250 1200 2200 80 17
39545 2500 380 1700 2700 55 11
39546 2500 120 1200 2200 55 8


Cable Drum Spreader Bar Leaflet