Plantworx 2017

Autoguide Equipment and ABC Anchors would like to thank all of those who joined us at the Plantworx Construction Equipment Show last week! We had some mixed weather conditions, but were delighted to see a high level of interest over all three days despite the sea of mud!

Visitors were especially interested in our range of vibrating post installers. Throughout the show, we were demoing our Midi Postmaster installing and removing 6” posts, although the machine is capable of driving up to 8” posts on a 3-5 tonne excavator.

Also displayed at the show was a variety of utilities equipment including our Utility Pole Grab, Cable Drum Spreader Bar and 40,000 PX Powerhead, as well as ABC Anchor’s range of screwpiles.

We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and we look forward to exhibiting at Plantworx again next time.

Midi-Postmaster Demonstration

Cable Drum Handler

Designed for the safe lifting and handling of cable drums and cable laying applications. The light weight bar allows easy assembly through the drum centre while all other parts are lifted into place with plant.

A simple pin in position couplers with adjustment allows the drum to be held on the bar ensuring controlled rotation.

Four standard units allow a large variety of drums to be carried.

Hand-built with great emphasis on quality, strength and efficiency of design.

Features a lightweight aluminium spindle, within manual handling limits, and quick release collars with simple tool-less assembly.

Adjustable to suit most drums with a safe working load from 2.5-5T.

Cable drums rotate freely on bearings to ensure smooth cable unwinding.

Easily stowed when not in use.

Cable Drum Spreader Bar


Part No. Max. Capacity (kg) Min. Drum Width (mm) Max. Drum Width (mm) Max. Drum Diameter (mm) Max. Drum Hold Size (mm) Spindle Weight
39543 5000 800 1700 2700 80 22
39544 5000 250 1200 2200 80 17
39545 2500 380 1700 2700 55 11
39546 2500 120 1200 2200 55 8


Cable Drum Spreader Bar Leaflet