Custom Drilling Rig……

Custom Drilling Rig…. This time with a spark!

With our key products being the forefront of making round holes in the ground, and our ever increasing portfolio of specialist machines it was natural that we take on a new challenge for 2019.

We had the pleasure of designing and manufacturing another bespoke drilling rig… this time with a twist; a rig powered by electricity!

The brief was for the machine to be quiet, agile and compact so that it could work on limited access sites, including the ability to go through doorways and access basements. The very fact that the rig itself is electric made the operation of the machine very quiet and emission free.

The machine is fitted with a specially designed bespoke drilling head offering 3 speeds and torques utilising 4 motors. Max Torque of 14kNm and Max Speed of 120RPM. The mast has been designed to be two stages for low head room, this offers 2m of carriage stroke and 1m of additional mast stroke for 3m total scope. Allowing for longer auger sections and more productive drilling. Auger size is max 500mm to 20m deep. The addition of a foot clamp for casings has allowed more versatility in open bore piling too. The head also has 100mm clear bore for concrete and grout.

The generator was specified with 80m of cable to allow for remote working and with the motor and oil tank on board the efficiencies of the system stay within the 93-95% to ensure the best productivity.

The rig is being used extensively within London on basement extension projects and for contig walls to support  the ever growing need for space in the city.

If you are inspired by our special machines and have a bespoke project in mind that we could take a look at, please contact the office to discuss your requirements.



Terrain Master – TC800

Autoguide have added to our fleet of bespoke machinery with the new Terrain Master TC800, created to be a scaled up version of the successful Terrain Master TC600. We first designed the smaller machines in 2011 and have developed them over time along with our extensive portfolio of other bespoke solutions, such as tracked fencing machines and drilling rigs.

Our team put together the design to offer a more stable base unit with a much uprated lorry loader. The Palfinger PK14502 SH (supplied by TH White Devizes) boasts a capacity of 1200kg with a 12m outreach – a specification requested by our customer.

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Excavator Mounted Powerheads – KJN Services

Autoguide first worked with KJN Services in 2015, when they bought from our range of Augers. We were pleased to hear from them again when Alastair got in contact requesting a new Powerhead and several augers.

After KJN received advice from our sales and technical team, we put together a quote for a Powerhead, augers and four specially manufactured swivels. To finalise his order, Alistair requested a visit to our premises. He was given a tour of the workshop by Rob and Megg, who worked closely with him throughout the order process. They showed him where and how his equipment would be made.

Autoguide supplied KJN with a 25H powerhead to suit a 3t excavator, complete with three new augers to enable the customer to auger different sized holes where required. Their excavator was fitted with a Quick Hitch, so in addition to the main order we needed to manufacture QH swivels with a two pin design to suit based on the specifications received from Alastair. We also converted the auger they originally bought from us in 2015 from a 65mm hex to 2" so that it was compatible with the new equipment.

We have dealt with Autoguide equipment for a number of years and had need for a smaller auger and drive head together with the ability to fit this and other drive units to different sizes of mini excavator.

Prices and details were requested and received however I was still unsure so arranged to visit your premises.

This proved to be a good move as I was able to speak to members of staff who understood what was required, showed me drawings of parts to be manufactured and also arranged to adapt an existing 9” auger to fit the new drive unit which also had the added benefit of reducing the overall cost of my order.

The items have now been with us for a few weeks and we are very pleased with the outcome, we now have the ability to supply a wider range than before to our customers.

Alastair, KJN Services

We hope to work with Alastair and KJN again in the future. They quickly sent through all the information we required were always keen to check in on progress.

Autoguide Equipment offer the complete solution for all earth drilling applications, from our comprehensive selection of augers, to our range of Excavator and Crane Mounted Powerheads.

If you need any more information after looking through our website or would like to place an order, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

50,000 PXV Powerhead Refurbishment

We not only manufacture and supply powerheads and utility packages, but also offer servicing and repair of any of our units. Previously, we have serviced units that have been going since we started making them in the early 90s!

One of our customers got in contact with us, wanting to upgrade a 50,000 PXV crane mounted powerhead with a manual quick hitch used in the utility industry.



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Doosan Drilling Rig

Autoguide Equipment’s key products are known for making round holes in the ground and this special project was no exception!

After a meeting on site we were asked to commission a pre-boring drilling rig with specific design criteria to give the customer better productivity rates and be more efficient in their processes. The donor machine; a Doosan 140LC, was delivered to site. The bucket, dipper and boom were removed to allow us to design and build a bespoke 10m drilling mast.

The design brief was to manufacture an auger drive unit and mast capable of 20kNm in conjunction with a fast spin off speed to aid spoil removal and 8.5m of mast stroke. The required RPM speed for drilling also needed to be set along with upper and lower limits on the carriage depth and pull back. 

Legislation set the specification for the guarding and interlocks and the finished machine is now working hard on large commercial sites preparing the ground for building works. From housing estates to distribution centres, the pre-boring rig is one of the first processes on site, alongside ground stabilisation works.

We very much look forward to working with Mat and Tim in the future and continuing to build on our wide variety of specialist bespoke products.

"After being introduced to Autoguide for this first time by a mutual client, they took on our project to create a new drilling rig built to our specification. From inception we felt comfortable with Autoguide and their many years of expertise was clear to see.
We felt included and valued in the design and build and we are very happy with what they managed to achieve with our machine.
We are planning for Autoguide to build us another machine soon and I look forward to building a long working relationship with them."

If you are inspired by our special machines and have a bespoke project in mind that we could take a look at, please contact the office to discuss your requirements.

Excavator Mounted Auger Drivers

Excavator Mounted Auger Drives

Utility Plant Powerhead 40PX

The Autoguide Utility spec excavator powerhead package 40PX has been widely recognised in the telecom and Electricity industry for many years. The unit allows the plant operator to utilise both the speed of augering for pole planting along with the ability to also install the screwed stays
This robust fixed speed unit fits all makes and models of excavator and backhoe from 5– 8T and increase pole planning efficiency over the standard buckets


Fold up stowage Bracket

This bespoke bracket allows the powerhead assembly to fold away for safe secure transport while also carrying the auger bit and stay tube driver. The unit can be easily detached by use of the quick hitch or removal of pins and changed for a bucket for other tasks

With the unit stowed it allows for easy loading of the PISA anchor system and maintenance checks



40PX Anchor Driving


Total Weight 345kg
Torque 8,500 Nm
Speed 22 RPM
Flow 60 l/min
Pressure 275 BAR
Maximum Auger 20"
Excavator Size 6-8t Slew machine or Backhoe loader
90F Auger Drive on JCB 4CX

Rock Master

Autoguide can also offer a more specialist machine. The Rock Master combines the best of both variable speed powerhead plus the addition of a vibrating gearbox.

The Rock Master is a fast, efficient auger with the ability to drill through fractured rock in some of the most demanding situations. With the vibrator activated, the whole auger string is active allowing the hardened rock picks to break our rock leaving a clear hole for Utility poles. Typically the Rock Master can drill 1m deep 12” diameter in granite in one hour.

The unique feature of this machine is with vibration off, the same unit can be used for standard soil hols without adaption. This gives the users a versatile all round powerhead that can be used every day. With a small adaption the unit can also install PISA anchors.

Rockmaster on JCB Excavator


Total Weight 525kg
Torque 1,150 Nm
Speed 50 RPM
Flow 50 l/min
Pressure 275 BAR
Maximum Auger 18"
Excavator Size 10-15 t/m crane 8T slew or Backhow
Rockmaster on JCB Excavator

15H to 60H Auger Powerhead Range

How to find your product

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Hydraulic Flow? Hydraulic Pressure? Does it have an Auxiliary Hydraulic Circuit?

What size hole do you need to drill? – Check HOLE SIZE

What ground conditions will you be drilling? – Check GROUND CONDITIONS

Auger Powerhead Range

If you are unsure which product is most suitable, or simply want to discuss your requirements – Please don’t hesitate to contact us!



Auger Powerheads Leaflet


Rock Master Leaflet


Utilities - Solutions & Accessories Brochure


Utilities Technical Specifications


Autoguide offer a complete range of augers for a wide range of applications and soil conditions. All of our standard augers come in 1.2m lengths, with an optional 1m extension.



Designed for drilling solid rock.




Designed for drilling in dense gravel and soil.




Designed for drilling in loose soil and sand.


Soil Classification

Common Soil Type
Geological Soil Classification
Probe Values
in/labs (Nm)
Typical Blow Count
in/labs (Nm)
Sound, hard rock - Unweathered Granite, Basalt, Massive Limestone N/A N/A
Very dense and/or cemented sands, Coarse gravel & Cobbles Caliche (Nitrate-bearing Gravel/Rock)



Dense, Fine Sands, very hard silts & clays (may be pre-loaded) Basalt Till, Boulder Clay, Caliche, Weathered Laminated Rock 750-1600
Dense sands & gravel, hard silts & clays Glacial Till, Weathered Shales, Schist, Gneiss & Sandstone 600-750
Medium dense sand & gravel; very stiff to hard silts and clays Glacial Till, Hardpan, Marls



Medium dense coarse sands & sandy gravels; stiff to very stiff clays


Saprolites, Residual Soils



Loose to medium dense fine to coarse sands to stiff clays and silt Dense Hydraulic Fill, Compacted Fill, Residual Soils



Loose, fine sands; alluvum; loess

medium & varied clays, fill

Flood Plain Soils. Lake Clays, Abode, Fill



Peat, organic silts, inundated silts, fly ash, very loose sands, very soft Miscellaneous Fill, Swamp Marsh
Less than 100

Auger Range

 10788      10634  

Other sizes are available, please contact our team for more details or to request further literature.

Auger Spares

part # 30154

part # 23368

223476 BOLT to 65mm HEX
part # 22347

223476 BOLT to 2" HEX
part # 25973

309928 Bolt to 65mm HEX
part # 30992

311092m HOSE KIT
part # 31109

part # 32014

part # 22347

Rock Ripper

part # 08037
part # 05091

Heavy Duty

part # 22078
part # 22081
part # 01369

Light Duty

part # 05090
part # 05077

40PXV Powerhead Augering and rope wind-up bracket video

This video shows the autoguide 40PXV powerhead with rope wind-up bracket, mounted on the Terrain Master TC600 Utility pole erection unit.

The 40,000PXV powerhead with 18" Rock-Ripper shown here, can cope with augering holes in a wide range of soil conditions.

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Introducing the Terrain Master TC600

Autoguide has launched a new track mounted carrier for loader cranes and work platforms, aimed at utility companies.

The 7.5 tonne tracked TC600 Terrain Master has rubber tracks and has been specifically designed to carry either a nine metre/tonne loader crane or a 15 metre aerial work platform.

It has a top speed of 11kph and is available with full radio remote control and side, front and rear stabilisers. The unit also features a 4,500kg capacity electric winch and a charging station for the remote control batteries.

Autoguide has sold the first two units, mounted with a Palfinger PK9001 loader crane, to Newcastle-based VLS – a supplier of leased vehicle to the electric supply industry. The crane has a maximum reach of 8.7 metres and a maximum capacity of 5.7 tonnes.

Autoguide’s managing director Richard Robinson said: “The machine is built to the required specification entirely in-house. The TC600 can also be fitted with a 15 metre access platform instead of the loader crane.”

A video of the TC600 in action can be viewed here.

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