Autoguide Sponsor University of Bath Project

Autoguide Equipment recently sponsored a project at the University of Bath within the Mechanical Engineering Department. As part of the third year of study, students undertake a group design and business project to develop an idea, design a product and produce a business plan. Autoguide have had an idea for a small self-propelled machine that is capable of installing screw piles so proposed the idea and two teams of 6 students worked against each other to develop the best design.

The students recently presented their work at the Design Exhibition where we were very impressed with their work. The detailed design showed how much effort and work they had put into the project, with some very promising results. The design team now await the detailed reports to decide whether either design is feasible for production!

GDBP [8282]
Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Bath

Terrain Master – TC600

TC600 - Terrain Master

Terrain Master TC600 Tracked Carrier Chassis Only
Terrain Master TC600 Tracked Carrier with Loader Crane
Terrain Master TC600 Tracked Carrier PEU. Loader Crane + 40,000PXV Powerhead
Terrain Master TC600 with Fence Post Driver

The TC600 is a track mounted carrier for loader cranes and work platforms, aimed at utility companies.

The 7.5 tonne tracked TC600 Terrain Master has rubber tracks and has been specifically designed to carry either a nine metre/tonne loader crane or a 15 metre aerial work platform.

It has a top speed of 11kph and is available with full radio remote control and side, front and rear stabilisers. The unit also features a 4,500kg capacity electric winch and a charging station for the remote control batteries.




Complete Radio Control Operation

High visibility ROPS and FOPS tested cab

Optional radial hydraulic legs provide complete working stability

Rubber tracks and a proven track suspension system

Compact Dimensions

Terrain Master TC600 Chassis Only


Vehicle Type

Autoguide 7.5 tonne gross hydrostatic drive, rubber tracked carrier


Glazed and heated cab conforming to ROPS ISO 3471/ FOPS ISO3449



3.33 litre Kubota V3307-DI-E3B diesel engine. 55.4 kw




Electro – Hydraulic negative type (automatically fail safe)


Mounted on cab



24 volt - 140 ah with 45amp alternator, battery isolator switch

Track Width 500 mm
Track Gauge 1450 mm
Sprocket Centres 2440 mm
Ground Clearance 350 mm
Overall Length 3800 mm
Overall Width 2050 mm
Overall Height 250 mm (over exhaust)
GVW 7,500 kgs
Gradeability 30 degrees
Speed (low ratio) 0-6 km/hr
Speed (high ratio) 0-11 km/hr
Ground Pressure 0.15kg/cm2 (empty)
Security Engine immobiliser
Livery To customer standard


Loader Crane

Shown here with a Palfinger 9001-EH triple telescopic crane and Autoguide 40,000PXV auger unit, the compact dimensions are easy to see.

In conjunction with the fully powered crane stabilisers, the three radial legs interface with the crane stability system, allowing the full 9 tonne metres capacity to be utilised.

For crane operation a Parker load sensing 60 l/m 320 BAR pump is fitted which together with an auto throttle system, saves fuel whilst extending engine life.

Fitted with a Parker IQAN system the TC600 and crane are fully radio controlled.

Terrain Master TC600 with Palfinger Crane


Crane 9001-EH triple telescopic
Capacity 9 tonne


Pole Erection Unit

The Terrain Master TC600 Pole Erection Unit consists of Palfinger Crane, Autoguide 40,000 PXV Powerhead on a Rope Wind-Up bracket with a choice of Augers. Also available is the crane mounted pole grab.

TC600 Erecting utility pole



Terrain Master TC600 Chassis Brochure


Torque Heads

Screw Pile Torque Heads

Autoguide's range of Torque Heads for Screw Pile installation include both hand-held and excavator versions. We also design and manufacture custom and large Torque Heads such as the 210XV, the largest in Europe.

These market leading torque heads are ideal for installing screw piles from our sister company ABC Anchors.

If you are unsure which product is most suitable, or simply want to discuss your requirements – Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Hand-held Portable Screw Pile Installers

400H Portable Anchor Driver

Hydraulic Hand-held through head 4kNm pile installer.

Quiet, vibration free operation. Forward and reverse control on the unit itself.

Telescopic torque reaction arm.

400H portable Anchor Installer


Model 400H
Max working pile load 60kN


Excavator Mounted Screw Pile Installers


Fixed speed units tailored for excavators

Widely used throughout the industry

Choice of boom or Gimbal mounting

Approved by all leading manufacturers

Installation torques from 5,000Nm to 25,000Nm

Gimbal mounts improves operator safety also allowing horizontal loading of piles

The following torque heads are used to install ABC Anchors screw piles, there are 3 sizes or torque heads depending on the size of the piles you are installing.

60R and 60RL

76R and 76RL


500X / XG Torque Head

Choice of mounting brackets allows the 500X to be fitted to excavators from 1.5 to 6 tonnes, and allows anchor installation at a wide range of angles.


Model 500X
Screw Pile Type 60R
Maximum Torque 5,000Nm
Oil Flow 150 litres/min
Working Pressure 200 BAR
500X for installing 60R anchors


1600 X Torque Head

Choice of mounting brackets allows the 1600X to be fitted to excavators from 4 to 7 tonnes, and allows anchor installation at a wide range of angles.

1600X Torque Head for 76R Screw Piles


Model 1600X
Screw Pile Type 76R
Maximum Torque 16,000Nm
Oil Flow 100 litres/min (max)
Working Pressure 200 BAR
76R Conical Anchor installation for wind turbines. 1800X Torque Head


2500 X / XG Torque Head

Choice of mounting brackets allows the 2500X to be fitted to excavators from 4 to 10 tonnes, and allows anchor installation at a wide range of angles.

2500X with Gimbal bracket ideal for 89R Screw Piles


Model 2500XG
Screw Pile Type 89R
Maximum Torque 25,000 Nm
Oil Flow 150 litres/min
Working Pressure 200 BAR
2500X Torque Head installing 89R Screw Piles for Underpinning



Torque Head Range Brochure