The Autoguide Pole Jack has been designed and produced for many years. It provides a safe, secure, reliable method for extracting utility poles.

The Pole Jack can offer a 10T vertical lift to aid the extraction of old or out of specification poles. The jack is also able to remove the poles with timber blocks without the need to hand dig. The pole jack also removes rotten poles reducing the risk of breaking and potential ‘cartwheels’. Specially developed chain grips the pole without damage and will ‘ratchet’ the pole out of the ground whilst keeping the jack vertical.

It must be used in conjunction with a lorry loader to support the pole at all times.

For steel or composite poles the chain can be substituted for a fibre or webbing strop.

Pole Jack


Max Pressure 210 BAR
Jacking Capacity 10,000 kg
Jack Weight 35kg



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