Products for the Utilities Industry

Terrain Master TC600

Terrain Master TC600 Tracked Carrier for the Utilities Industry

This radio controlled tracked carrier can be configured as a Pole Erection Unit (PEU), access platform (AP) for drilling rigs.

Cable Drum Spreader

Spreader Bar

This uses a special lightweight centre spindle for the drum in conjunction with centralising cones to permit free spooling of drums.

Utility Pole Grab

Pole Grab

A safe way to handle poles used in conjunction with the Autoguide quick hitch to interchange with auger drivers.

Allows the operator to safely handle utility poles from stack to vehicle.

Pole Jack

Pole Jack
Utilising a unique hollow rod design combining massive power with low weight it provides a safe, secure and reliable method for extracting utility poles.

Crane Auger Drives


Our variable speed auger drivers are renowned throughout the world as the best performing equipment available. These are in service with all major utilities in the UK delivering reliable top performance.

Excavator Auger Drives

Autoguide Powerhead Range of Auger Drives
Our Auger range extends from light duty through to Rock Rippers, with Powerheads from 1.4kNm—250kNm in fixed and variable speed versions.