Screw Piles are a fast, accurate and versatile foundation for solar farms. They resist both uplift and compressive loads. Wooden and steel posts are also common.

With our wide range of hydraulic torque heads and vibrating post installers, we offer the complete package for installation, along with our sister company ABC Anchors.

Post Drivers

Our Mini (52kN), Midi (83kN) and Maxi (115kN) Post Drivers fit excavators and loaders from 1.5—8 tonnes. They are able to install and remove posts up to 250mm of any shape.

Torque Heads

Torque Head Product Range
Designed for installing Screw Piles, our range of hand held units go from 4kNm to 10kNm, whilst excavator mounted range from 5kNm to 300kNm. These can be configured with remote torque, speed and position monitoring.

Excavator Auger Drives

Autoguide Powerhead Range of Auger Drives
Our Powerheads range from 1.4kNm to 250kNm in fixed and variable speed versions. They are compatible with excavators from 1.5 to 15 tonnes.