Earth Drilling/Augering

Auger Range

Augers Featured Product
Our comprehensive selection of augers allow drilling of 6″ to 48″ diameter holes. They can drill in soil conditions ranging from loose soil and sand, all the way to concrete and solid rock.

Excavator Powerheads

Autoguide Powerhead Range of Auger Drives
Our range of Auger drives are compatible with excavators from 1.5 to 15 tonnes. We can check the most suitable machine based on compatibility, hole size and ground conditions.

Crane Mounted Powerheads

PXV2Auger Drives for lorry mounted cranes. Either a Rope Wind-Up or Hydraulic Fold-Up bracket is designed to allow the head to be stowed for transport and the crane to be used for pole work without removing attachments.

Tree planting

Fence posts

Gate posts

Street lights/telegraph poles

Stay wire for utility poles