Autoguide Equipment have developed a wide range of products and solutions for a diverse range of industries.

Earth drilling / Augering

90F Auger Drive on JCB 4CX
Autoguide Equipment offer the complete solution for all earth drilling applications. Our Auger range extends from light duty through to Rock Rippers with Powerheads from 1.4kNm to 250kNm in fixed and variable speed configurations.

Fencing equipment

MIDI Postmaster Vibrating Fence Post Installer

Autoguide’s range of vibrating post drivers are available to fit small to medium excavators, skid-steer loaders and larger tracked vehicles, such as Autoguide’s own TC600. They can be used to install both wooden and metal fence and gate posts up to a diameter of 8″ (200mm).

Utility services

Terrain Master TC600 Utility Pole Erection Unit
Offering a range of products for the Utility Industries, including the TC600 Tracked Pole Erection Unit (PEU), Utility Pole Grab, Pole Jack and Cable Drum manipulator. As well as a range of Torque heads for anchor installation.

Lifting - Cable Drums

Lift Cable Drums

Designed for the safe lifting and handling of cable drums and cable laying applications. The light weight bar allows easy assembly through the drum centre while all other parts are lifted into place with plant. A simple pin in position couplers with adjustment allows the drum to be held on the bar ensuring controlled rotation.

Solar/Renewable Energy

Solar Installation with Screw Pile Foundations

For the installation of Solar Arrays we offer screw pile or vibrated foundation solutions. Mini-diggers can utilise our Mini-Postmaster or Midi-Postmaster to install foundation posts of up to 150mm diameter. Our range of Torque Heads and Screw Piles are an ideal solution for Wind Turbine foundation installation.

ABC Anchors / Foundations

60R Screw Pile Installation for Facit Homes New Build

Our sister company, ABC Anchors compliments Autoguide's range of Torque Heads with a wide range of Screw Piles and Foundation Services.

Auto Roller - Cricket Rollers

Auto-Rollers at Lords Cricket Ground
Continuing the tradition set by Auto roller we supply new 4 ft and 3 ft rollers throughout the cricketing world. Repower kits suit Auto rollers made since 1946 originally built with mechanical transmission, offering similar features to new.