Mini-Postmaster Solar Install

Autoguide Equipment provide Solar South West with accuracy, speed and safety in one machine.

Solar South West are Solar PV Installers based in Somerset. Until now they have used old style ‘Post knockers’ to install their foundation piles. Autoguide introduced them to the Mini Postmaster, which immediately impressed the installers.

Mini Postmasters fit excavators from 1.5 to 3 tonnes and the use of small machines permitted faster, safer and more precise placement than previously achieved. Safety is significantly improved and noise levels reduced.

Using the Mini Postmaster they have been able complete installation with no damage to the posts!

As the Mini Postmaster can be installed on excavators as small as 1.5 tonnes; it was able to fit in between the rows, making installation much quicker.

The Solar South West team also commented on many other advantages of the Mini Postmaster from the noise level and swift rate of installation to accuracy of level/depth/straightness of the posts.