Drill through concrete with Autoguide’s RockMaster

Autoguide Equipment Ltd was established in 1977, and has been working with many OEM customers to perfect a variable speed auger torque head drive unit designed specially for lorry mounted cranes.  

A range of auger drive units have been developed by Autoguide to tackle difficult terrain, which can be fitted to most cranes & vehicles. Drilling in hard ground or rocky soil, particularly when using lorry mounted cranes, can be a tedious and time consuming process, to resolve this Autoguide designed the Rockmaster earth drill.

The ‘Rockmaster’, offers extremely high output, reliability and excellent performance when used in concrete, tarmac or rocky conditions. It has a hydraulically driven percussion gearbox between the auger drive unit and a special Rock Ripper auger. When fitted to a standard BT Pole Erection Unit, the penetration in concrete increased from 220mm per hour with a standard unit to 800mm per hour with the Rock Master.

Tests have verified that the system imposes no extra loading on the crane structure, in fact loads are normally lower with the percussion system engaged.

For lorry mounted cranes, no additional hydraulic services are required. When activated, the percussion action works in the forward (drilling) rotation only and automatically switches the auger drive unit to low speed for maximum torque.

Autoguide has mounted auger drive units onto a range of cranes on MB Unimogs, conventional 4×4 trucks and special vehicles including rubber tracked ‘Big Track’s’ and Morookas. A range of additional equipment is available to compliment the auger product line including Polejacks, Pole Tampers & anchor drivers.