Custom Drilling Rig…. This time with a spark!

With our key products being the forefront of making round holes in the ground, and our ever increasing portfolio of specialist machines it was natural that we take on a new challenge for 2019.

We had the pleasure of designing and manufacturing another bespoke drilling rig… this time with a twist; a rig powered by electricity!

The brief was for the machine to be quiet, agile and compact so that it could work on limited access sites, including the ability to go through doorways and access basements. The very fact that the rig itself is electric made the operation of the machine very quiet and emission free.

The machine is fitted with a specially designed bespoke drilling head offering 3 speeds and torques utilising 4 motors. Max Torque of 14kNm and Max Speed of 120RPM. The mast has been designed to be two stages for low head room, this offers 2m of carriage stroke and 1m of additional mast stroke for 3m total scope. Allowing for longer auger sections and more productive drilling. Auger size is max 500mm to 20m deep. The addition of a foot clamp for casings has allowed more versatility in open bore piling too. The head also has 100mm clear bore for concrete and grout.

The generator was specified with 80m of cable to allow for remote working and with the motor and oil tank on board the efficiencies of the system stay within the 93-95% to ensure the best productivity.

The rig is being used extensively within London on basement extension projects and for contig walls to support  the ever growing need for space in the city.

If you are inspired by our special machines and have a bespoke project in mind that we could take a look at, please contact the office to discuss your requirements.