Custom Drilling Rig……

Custom Drilling Rig…. This time with a spark!

With our key products being the forefront of making round holes in the ground, and our ever increasing portfolio of specialist machines it was natural that we take on a new challenge for 2019.

We had the pleasure of designing and manufacturing another bespoke drilling rig… this time with a twist; a rig powered by electricity!

The brief was for the machine to be quiet, agile and compact so that it could work on limited access sites, including the ability to go through doorways and access basements. The very fact that the rig itself is electric made the operation of the machine very quiet and emission free.

The machine is fitted with a specially designed bespoke drilling head offering 3 speeds and torques utilising 4 motors. Max Torque of 14kNm and Max Speed of 120RPM. The mast has been designed to be two stages for low head room, this offers 2m of carriage stroke and 1m of additional mast stroke for 3m total scope. Allowing for longer auger sections and more productive drilling. Auger size is max 500mm to 20m deep. The addition of a foot clamp for casings has allowed more versatility in open bore piling too. The head also has 100mm clear bore for concrete and grout.

The generator was specified with 80m of cable to allow for remote working and with the motor and oil tank on board the efficiencies of the system stay within the 93-95% to ensure the best productivity.

The rig is being used extensively within London on basement extension projects and for contig walls to support  the ever growing need for space in the city.

If you are inspired by our special machines and have a bespoke project in mind that we could take a look at, please contact the office to discuss your requirements.



Hinowa Tracked Winch

Hinowa Tracked Winch

This Hinowa Track Base is fitted with an Autoguide Winch System and has been designed for a wide variety of uses within the forestry and leisure industries. It has a compact design for easy transportation and accessibility.

It is ideal for moving fallen trees and transporting large lengths of timber to areas more suitable for logging. For the leisure industry, it can be used for moving trailers/caravans etc. and for the launch and retrieval of pleasure boats.

For general use, practical design elements provide a safe and easy way to transport equipment and materials.

Cable Drum Spreader Bar
Cable Drum Spreader Bar


Hinowa 1102 Track Base with twin cylinder water cooled Kubota engine

Expanding tracks for additional stability

2 ton capacity remote control winch

Additional 55 Ah battery for prolonged winching operations

Simple, easy to reach operation

Moving blade - providing winch anchor point when the bed is powered down

Bolt on changeable blade and aluminium checker plate base

Ball and clevis towing point, plus storage when not in use

Storage for logging chains

Removable bed sides, corner posts and swinging tail board - ideal for tipping or pulling timber straight into the bed

Minimal maintenance requirements

Cable Drum Spreader Bar
Cable Drum Spreader Bar


Track Base

Kubota Engine Z602
Pistons and displacement double cylinder 599 cc
Setting 3200 rpm
Max gross power 10,8 kw @3600 rpm
Group 2 gear pump displacement 4.95 / 4.95 / 6.61 cc
Pump capacity (travel circuit) 20 lpm
Working pressure (optional circuit) 140 bar
Alternator 12V - 40A


Anchor point 2.5 tonne ram push force for bed/blade
Hitch 1.5 tonne rated
Dimensions 1000 x 735 x 970 mm
Weight 200kg


Capacity 2 tonne
Motor 1.5 HP
Galvanised wire rope 15.5m
No Load line speed 15.2 m/min
Free spool Cam operated
Controls Handlebar switch and two wireless remotes


Hinowa Tracked Winch Leaflet

Terrain Master – TC800

Autoguide have added to our fleet of bespoke machinery with the new Terrain Master TC800, created to be a scaled up version of the successful Terrain Master TC600. We first designed the smaller machines in 2011 and have developed them over time along with our extensive portfolio of other bespoke solutions, such as tracked fencing machines and drilling rigs.

Our team put together the design to offer a more stable base unit with a much uprated lorry loader. The Palfinger PK14502 SH (supplied by TH White Devizes) boasts a capacity of 1200kg with a 12m outreach – a specification requested by our customer.

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Doosan Drilling Rig

Autoguide Equipment’s key products are known for making round holes in the ground and this special project was no exception!

After a meeting on site we were asked to commission a pre-boring drilling rig with specific design criteria to give the customer better productivity rates and be more efficient in their processes. The donor machine; a Doosan 140LC, was delivered to site. The bucket, dipper and boom were removed to allow us to design and build a bespoke 10m drilling mast.

The design brief was to manufacture an auger drive unit and mast capable of 20kNm in conjunction with a fast spin off speed to aid spoil removal and 8.5m of mast stroke. The required RPM speed for drilling also needed to be set along with upper and lower limits on the carriage depth and pull back. 

Legislation set the specification for the guarding and interlocks and the finished machine is now working hard on large commercial sites preparing the ground for building works. From housing estates to distribution centres, the pre-boring rig is one of the first processes on site, alongside ground stabilisation works.

We very much look forward to working with Mat and Tim in the future and continuing to build on our wide variety of specialist bespoke products.

"After being introduced to Autoguide for this first time by a mutual client, they took on our project to create a new drilling rig built to our specification. From inception we felt comfortable with Autoguide and their many years of expertise was clear to see.
We felt included and valued in the design and build and we are very happy with what they managed to achieve with our machine.
We are planning for Autoguide to build us another machine soon and I look forward to building a long working relationship with them."

If you are inspired by our special machines and have a bespoke project in mind that we could take a look at, please contact the office to discuss your requirements.

Custom Tracked Fencing Machine

Designer Metal were investigating different methods for putting their estate fencing posts in the ground when they discovered the vibrating Post Master online. Intrigued by what he saw, Xavier Cooper contacted Autoguide to ask whether the postmaster would be capable of inserting flat steel posts into the ground. With a few trial posts, the team at Autoguide performed some testing and then demoed the successful results to the company.

With the positive testing, discussions advanced and after noticing the TC600 and a separate Maxi Postmaster mounted on a telescopic mast being developed for another customer, the idea of a dedicated tracked vehicle was proposed. With Autoguide’s knowledge and history of building custom track based machines, the customer decided this would be the best option and commissioned a special custom build.

Autoguide designed and built a Midi Postmaster mounted on a custom mast with 5 axis of movement to enable maximum adjustment to vibrate posts into a range of positions and angles. This was then mounted on a specially designed chassis and connected to a Hinowa expanding track base for additional stability. When connected to a 4 Cylinder Turbo Diesel Engine, the whole system was powered using hydraulics off of a simple user console.

After testing, the machine was painted to the customers company colours, delivered and is now installing over 400 posts a day in a field in Chelmsford!

The machine features:

  • Midi Postmaster – our standard post vibrator.
  • 5 Axis Mast – enabling extensive movement.
  • Custom Chassis – designed to withstand the high offset loadings.
  • Hydraulic Control – ease of use across the industry.
  • 4 Cylinder Kubota Engine – Increased Power and reliability.
  • Expanding Hinowa Track Base – extra stability but compact for transport.
  • Pilot Operated Tracks – reactive 2 speed control for simple driveability

Bespoke Design and Build


Autoguide equipment has a reputation for specialist design and build of not only its own products, but also with our customers and other OEM’s.

The service we offer involves fast design concepts and a development workshop with all the required facilities, plus testing areas either at our works or in the surrounding country side.

Working with both individual customers and larger blue chip companies we offer R and D resources to design and build the first off machine. If required we can extend this service on to small batches and production runs before transferring the products back to larger production facilities and production lines for large volumes.

As with all OEM’s, confidentiality is key to success in the market place. All projects are kept in house to ensure design and concepts are not shared.

One off units have included:

Lamp post test unit—ROCH Services
Road rail Gator with crane for screw pile installation
Restricted head room high torque heads—40/80 FLI
Rail removal jacking system
Container handling equipment
JCB lego Land

To name a few!

Please call to discuss!

Mini-Postmaster Dibber Attachment

The Autoguide specially designed attachment is used to clamp 3 or 5mm angle at any length, driving it effortlessly into the ground.

In addition this attachment forms a compacted hole to allow the installer to cast concrete around the angle, setting a level and reinforcing the angle for use with a plastic fencing system.

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Autoguide gets more children driving JCBs

Following the success of the 10 JCB excavators at the Digger Experience at LEGOLAND, Greenshield JCB commissioned a single unit for a hotel complex in Hong Kong’s prestigious Aberdeen Marina

The electrically powered digger works exactly like the real machine, digging plastic balls from a holding pit and loading them into a hopper.

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