Autoguide equipment has a reputation for specialist design and build of not only its own products, but also with our customers and other OEM’s.

The service we offer involves fast design concepts and a development workshop with all the required facilities, plus testing areas either at our works or in the surrounding country side.

Working with both individual customers and larger blue chip companies we offer R and D resources to design and build the first off machine. If required we can extend this service on to small batches and production runs before transferring the products back to larger production facilities and production lines for large volumes.

As with all OEM’s, confidentiality is key to success in the market place. All projects are kept in house to ensure design and concepts are not shared.

One off units have included:

Lamp post test unit—ROCH Services
Road rail Gator with crane for screw pile installation
Restricted head room high torque heads—40/80 FLI
Rail removal jacking system
Container handling equipment
JCB lego Land

To name a few!

Please call to discuss!