Autoguide gets more children driving JCBs

Following the success of the 10 JCB excavators at the Digger Experience at LEGOLAND, Greenshield JCB commissioned a single unit for a hotel complex in Hong Kong’s prestigious Aberdeen Marina

The electrically powered digger works exactly like the real machine, digging plastic balls from a holding pit and loading them into a hopper.

The installation and commissioning was undertaken by Autoguide – getting the machine into the lift was just one of the challenges – and was working in time for its first 300 customers.

A standard JCB 801 digger was used but fitted with a special quiet motor/pump package designed to replicate the standard hydraulic system. Full servo controls are retained with a cam system responsible for ensuring that the digger bucket does not damage the aluminium and stainless steel hopper system.

At the end of the ride sequence the digger resets to a park position, the hopper empties and the digger controls are de-activated, ready for the next customer.

Despite thousands of children using the LEGOLAND rides, the JCB machines and Autoguide modifications achieved 0.2% downtime in the first season, against a target of 2%. Subsequent years have only improved on this excellent record, so we are confident of more business in the near future.

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